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JC Guarentee 2

The Guarantee does not apply if:


1. Food is being served during the show, this is a big distraction and takes away peoples interest in the show. (Yummy, this Filet Mignon is GREAT!)


2. There are drunk or rowdy guests, need I say more…(hicup!)


3. Other music is being played during the show.


4. Greeting of guests and family members during the show or other guests who are in the back of the room talking during the show. Hey, not everyone is into magic, so send them in another room…please. (You know, the only time we see each other is at weddings and funerals, oh did I mention magic shows?)


5. The show is outside and your neighbor has a barking dog or decides to use his lawn mower. (Hey kids, can you hear me now?)


6. OR, for any other distractions beyond the control of John Carlson. Please understand that you are paying good money for a good performance and I will put every ounce of my energy into the show. I am there to entertain and not to discipline anyone or put them in there place.


This comes from twenty five years of performing experience and I take pride in giving you and your guests a show they truly will enjoy. After all, would you want to be at a Broadway show or in the movie theatre and be distracted by the aforementioned exceptions? I don’t think so.


I love when I have customers who hire me because they are making an intelligent decision and really want a quality show. If you are not concerned about quality and you don’t care about the things above, honestly you should go with the cheaper magician, there are plenty of them.


This all being laid out here because I really do care about my show and I want nothing but the best for you. I look forward to making your next a event a smashing success!


John Carlson